Six Common Baseball Injuries – How to Overcome

Injuries are the part of every sport, as we put or body to its limit every time we play a solid game. Baseball is not an exception and players who play regularly are prone to sports injuries. Given below are some of the most common baseball injuries and a few tips to overcome them.

Rotator Cuff Injuries

Being a group of four essential muscles, the rotator cuff coordinates the movement of a shoulder. After undergoing repeated stress during throwing, the tendons may become stiff. As a result, they start to compress every time you move the shoulder. This causes severe pain and even limits your shoulder movement.

Labral Tear

This is another shoulder injury, which occurs due to the deformity of the fibrocartilage. Being one of the most common baseball injuries, players often suffer this type of injury during a game. The player usually reports a ‘catching’ feel in the shoulder. This is due to the displacement of the labrum, which renders the shoulder unstable.

Muscle Strains

Muscle strains turn out to be the biggest problem for baseball players. This injury affects the overall performance of a team when a couple of players drop due to this problem. The main cause of this injury relates to the fast rotation of the body when a pitcher pitches a ball.

Thrower’s Elbow

Also known as “golfer’s elbow,” this injury relates to a condition called medial epicondylitis. The player feels a sensation of pain inside the elbow. The pain increases over time if a player leaves this injury untreated. Usually, this type of condition turns into acute pain in those pitchers who don’t follow a correct pitching technique.

Shoulder Instability

A pitcher usually suffers from a condition known as “dead arm.” This is a kind of shoulder instability, that results due to strain. Once the joint becomes unstable and muscles experience fatigue, it leads to shoulder instability. You can get rid of this issue by taking some rest and allowing the body to recover on its own.

How to Treat Common Baseball Injuries

If you experience any of the above-mentioned baseball injuries, there is no need to be panic. First, consult your physio and report the abnormalities that you are feeling. After the consultation, you can start treating the injury with some conventional treatment plan.

While doing so, you must keep in touch with the sports physician. Make sure to act on the advice and recommendations of such a professional. This will help you to recover within less anticipated time.

Following are the treatments that you should seek after you have received a baseball injury.

  • You can stabilize the impacted area by using a splint or support
  • Undergo some of the best conservative Treatment plan to cure your baseball Injury
  • If proper rest is what your physio recommends, you should consider taking some rest for a few days or weeks
  • You can also reduce the pain caused due to minor injuries by using icing technique
  • After an injury, you may use an elastic bandage to apply a certain amount of compression over the injured muscle

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