Olympic Baseball 2008


Olympic Baseball 2008 finds the United States in a mammoth battle to obstruct the developing predominance of Japan and Cuba for baseball incomparability around the world.

“ONE WORLD ONE DREAM” All Just Like The “Young men Of Summer” And BaseballFarming Growing In A Field Of Dreams.

The XXIXth Olympiad of the Modern Era of the Olympic Baseball 2008 Games may let the blind fall on the sport of baseball.

The IOC meeting on eleventh of July 2005 softball and baseball have been removed from the 2012 London summer Olympics; the primary game to be removed from the Olympics since 1936 wherein Polo was dispensed with.

The Buzz or all the rage from consequently until October 2009 gathering of the IOC will be fixated on permitting Baseball back into the Olympic games.

Kid howdy! does the United States Major League Baseball Team Owners have its plate full on this one. Significant League Baseball has its pitchfork stacked with things stuck on each prong of the fork.

(1) They own Major League Baseball of the United States,

(2) They initiated the development of the World Baseball Classic and its reestablishment beginning 2009,

(3) They have a period and separation just as planning strife USA baseball and the Olympics,

(4) They are confronted with losing control of the Money stream,

(5) They are being held prisoner by words being distributed from the lips of the President of the IOC.

The following twelve a year will be fascinating for the sport of baseball. George would most likely pose the inquiry, “What is the Golden Rule?”


Albeit little was recorded, Olympic baseball initially showed up in 1904 St. Louis. After eight years in 1912 Stockholm, a United States group played against have Sweden, winning 13-3. In 1936 Berlin, two United States groups played one another. The 1952 Helsinki function was a changed type of the game, Finnish baseball, played by two Finnish groups. Australia played a one-game show against the United States in 1956 Melbourne and Japan did likewise in 1964 Tokyo. With a horde of almost 114,000 observers, this game at the Melbourne Cricket Ground held the record for the most noteworthy went to ball game ever until a 2008 American show game in Los Angeles.

Following a twenty-year break, Olympic baseball (marked a show sport/function by the IOC) returned yet with competition designing (1984 Los Angeles). In 1988 Seoul, it was named an exhibition sport. Japan crushed the United States in the debut competition finale in 1984. In any case, in 1988, the United States prevailed upon Japan.

Baseball turned into an official game at the 1992 Summer Olympics, with the recognizable eight group competition. Players were needed to be beginners. The competition comprised of a cooperative effort, in which groups played every one of different groups, trailed by elimination rounds and finals. The organization of the opposition has continued as before from that point forward, with the main significant change being that beginning in 2000 players were not needed to be novices.

Since the Olympics are played during the Major League Baseball season, the players on the Olympic ball club are commonly top small time possibilities who have not made it stayed and played broadly in the significant associations yet during their playing vocations.

Olympic Games Baseball Medalists:

Year Games Gold Silver Bronze

1992 Barcelona Cuba Chinese Taipei Japan

1996 Atlanta Cuba Japan USA

2000 Sydney USA Cuba South Korea

2004 Athens Cuba Australia Japan

2008 Beijing South Korea Cuba USA

Baseball rivalry has been ended for future Olympic Games with the finish of the 2008 games until additional notification.

Cuba is the current ruling victor by winning the baseball crown at the 2004 Olympic games. Japan is the “best bet” to take this 2008 desired baseball title during this XXIXth Olympiad of the Modern Era.

(Extraordinary Note: South Korea took the Gold from Cuba)

Cuba has by and by won three of the four Olympic Baseball gold awards since baseball turned into a decoration sport in 1992 – making due with silver just in 2000, when it was resentful about the United States.

Particularly huge is that Americas round of baseball once gladly hailed as Americas Pastime has consigned the United States as a competitor during the Olympic Baseball 2008 games rather than being the prevailing group to beat.

The Olympic baseball 2008 Competition Schedule review shows planning for the ball games from Wednesday August 13, through Saturday August 23, 2008.

Planned inclusion for the games must consider time region contrasts. Beijing is 13 hours in front of Central time in the United States.

An interesting/odd and dubious principle has been embedded in the guidelines for the Olympic Baseball 2008 ball games.

The new baseball rules for the 2008 Beijing Olympics has group Japan chief Senichi Hoshino exceptionally steamed. The new standards express that during the eleventh inning, each group will start with a sprinter on first and a respectable halfway point. This was never really tedious games.

Olympic Baseball 2008 USA group functions plan: Date and adversary is demonstrated as follows.

Aug. 13 Korea Wukesong Baseball Stadium Beijing, China 6:00 a.m. USA lost 8-7

Aug. 13 Netherlands Wukesong Baseball Stadium Beijing, China 10:30 p.m. USA Won 7-0

Aug. 14 Cuba Wukesong Baseball Stadium Beijing, China 11:30 p.m. USA lost 5-4 The game utilized the new Olympic game standard whereby two sprinters are put on base to help scoring to abbreviate long playing tied games. American player Jayson Nix of Dallas, Texas was genuinely harmed while endeavoring a hit when he fouled the ball off and it hit him in the face about the eye.

Aug. 15 Canada Wukesong Baseball Stadium Beijing, China 10:30 p.m. USA Won 5-4

Aug. 18 China Wukesong Baseball Stadium Beijing, China 7:00 a.m. USA Won 9-1 Game turned a litle harsh with hit hitters and impacts at home plate. Umpire called supervisors to the plate for meeting attempting to suppress the unpleasant and terrible challenge.

Aug. 19 Chinese Taipei Wukesong Baseball Stadium Beijing, China 7:00 a.m. USA Won 4-2

Aug. 20 Japan Wukesong Baseball Stadium Beijing, China 7:00 a.m. USA Won 4-2

Aug. 22 Olympic Semifinals Wukesong Baseball Stadium Beijing, China USA Lost To Cuba 10-2

Aug. 23 Olympic Medal Round Wukesong Baseball Stadium Beijing, China USA Won 8-4 beating Japan and completed third in the 2008 Oympic Games and gets back the Bronze award. South Korea Won 3-2 beating Cuba for the Gold award in baseball for the XXIXth Olympiad of the advanced period. The Olympic Baseball Games of 2008 sees the end of Baseball from the Olympic Games. notwithstanding, the agreement of general conclusion is that Baseball rivalry will be reestablished soon for incorporation back into the Olympic Games. South Korea Won the Gold 3-2 over Cuba – in this manner deposing Cuba as the ruling past Gold Medalist Team. South Korea is currently the Olympic 2008 Gold Medal Winner.

The USA Baseball Team lineup for Olympic Baseball 2008:

Pitchers: Brett Anderson, Jake Arrieta, Trevor Cahill, Geno Espineli, Kevin Jepsen, Brandon Knight, Mike Koplove, Blaine Neal, Clayton Richard, Jeff Stevens, Stephen Strasburg, Casey Weathers

Infielders: Brian Barden, Matthew Brown, Jason Donald, Mike Hessman, Terry Tiffee

Outfielders: Dexter Fowler, John Gall, Matt LaPorta, Colby Rasmus

Catchers: Lou Marson, Taylor Teagarden

2008 Olympic Baseball 2008 Team Coaches:

Name Pos Birthplace

Johnson, Davey Manager Orlando, FL

Smith, Reggie Batting Coach Shreveport, LA

Lachemann, Marcel Pitching Coach Los Angeles, CA

Eckstein, Rick Third Base Coach Sanford, FL

de Armas, Rolando Coach New York, NY

Cooke, Dick Coach Davidson, NC

Hitter Up – Let’s Play Ball….